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Shenzhen ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter was set up in June, 2014  for contribution to help promote ACM SIGGRAPH to China. It is also an “invisible bridge” connecting people from China and overseas. The vision of Shenzhen chapter is to build up a strong community for academic researchers, industrial professionals, and students to share their experience and achievement in computer graphics and interactive technology, and builds up an actively healthy eco-system for the local CG industry.


Shenzhen ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter是为促进中国大陆计算机图形学及互动技术的开发和应用发展的兴趣者学会,于2014年6月经美国ACM SIGGRAPH授权创办,由深圳市微光创意技术有限公司承办具体事务。本学会是一个非营利组织,目标是为培育良好的CG行业生态圈贡献一分力量,我们的业务包括:

  • 提供全球同步的技术研发成果、数字艺术创作、软硬件产品等资讯;
  • 推动包括专业人士、学者和科研机构的交流与合作;
  • 定期举办国际学术和行业交流会、专业比赛、专业课程等;
  • 促进国际交流,为本地企业走向世界提供桥梁作用;
  • 协助每年的SIGGRAPH大会和SIGGRAPH亚洲大会的宣传与参展;



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