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Hi everyone, We Shenzhen ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter will offer extraordinary events, talks, workshops, new technology reports, contests, and networking meeting in 2015.

Here are the briefs of the upcoming activities in quarter one of year 2015:

1. Talk: Game Production 1 – Engines;

2. Review: New Technologies of 2014;

3. Workshop: Motion Capture for Films and Games;

4.  Contest: Character Modelling for Games (Create A Iconic Hero/Heroine);

5. Networking: Share Your Industrial Experience 1 – Mobile Game Development Experience;

6. Lecture: GPU Rendering VS CPU Rendering;

We will announce premises and time schedules ahead on our website, please follow us and attend the activities!




我们ACM电脑图形技术协会深圳分会在2015年里将举办各类精彩的活动,包括讲座、体验、新技术汇报、比赛和交流会等。 请定期光临我们的官方网站,关注每次活动的详情。


1. 讲座:游戏制作流程 1 -引擎篇;

2. 回顾:2014年新技术汇报;

3. 工作室体验: 应用于电影和游戏的动态捕捉设备体验;

4. 比赛:游戏角色 (创作史诗式的英雄);

5. 联谊会:分享你的行业经验 1 -手游开发经验;

6. 专题:GPU渲染和CPU渲染;



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